David and Christine Bergmann started Laketown Electric Corporation in 1975.  The company is recently celebrating its 42nd anniversary in business.  When Laketown Electric started, David performed the electrical work in the field.  During that time, most of his work was conversion of apartments to condominiums in downtown Minneapolis.  That work dried up in the early 1980s and Bergmann went on to concentrate his business in the commercial and industrial areas.  Laketown Electric started out as a union contractor.  The union rejected Bergmann’s brother in 1981, so Bergmann left the union and became a merit-shop contractor.

The original "shop" back in the early 1980s in downtown Waconia.

The original “shop” back in the early 1980s in downtown Waconia.

Laketown Electric is known as a contractor that takes on tough projects and completes them on time and on budget.  The company specializes in the construction and maintenance of healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, food processing and manufacturing of all types, generator systems and much more.  Approximately 75% of LEC’s projects are design-build and we are pleased to offer an electrical engineer on staff, Christine’s son Chris.

Laketown Electric looks forward to growing its business through the addition of David and Christine’s son Matt Bergmann, who leads the organization’s business development, marketing and strategic business alliance efforts.  The company has been mourning the loss of David Bergmann who passed away on December 5th, 2012 to a stroke.  LEC’s current management team of Matt and Chris Bergmann were taught the ins and outs of the business under David’s tutelage, and will continue to see the company prosper despite losing its founder.

LEC is prime for significant growth, and currently has 55+ fulltime employees; we look forward to helping our clients achieve their goals and grow, while we aim for the same end result.